About Pinkz

How sweet of you to find out more about me, well, hello!  
I am the one, a passionate décor blogger Pinky, who loves simple pleasures of life, who is an absolute neat freak, who happens to be a Bollywood aficionado, a better half of Aj and a mom raising two teenagers :)

Being a complete décor zealous, moving to a newer, bigger home, I happen to hop on riding the rollercoaster of the whole new designing process. With chockfull of projects, modification in decorating, and armed with a motto to reward a desired perfection to every corner of the home we shuffled many concepts. With an intention to share theories of our home, I took a leap to the blog sphere in 2014. 
Slowly now we are adding and sharing layers of characters in our home filled with our own personal collection of “Ganesha” and antique brass.  The collection now articulates our uniqueness of décor and a vessel of memories which fosters our spirit. My blog is now where I unleash the long held ideas of décor, and nurture my passion and continuous craving for creativity by sharing my design stories of joy and personality. Stupendous ideas of festivities and seasonal clever touches along with pleasing journey to distant places are also well served on the blog.
Passion is the key ingredient of my inspiration, revel with my décor and details to kindle utterly unique concepts right here at Pinkz Passion. Hope you have a pleasant stay!


  1. Wow can't believe you are a mom to teenage kids!! You look stunning :) Absolutely love your home! Do you have any home decor tips (any posts) for families with young kids? (babyproofed)

    1. Thank you Anu, I am blushing :) Unfortunately haven't post anything on baby proofed home décor yet, but I have passed the childhood phase of my kids and all I can say is cherish their childhood as they grow out in no time.

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  3. Just wanted to stop by and say what a lovely blog you have! I'm totally hooked! Also, you have a knack for writing and presenting everything beautifully. Also, took a tour of your home and family room is my absolute favorite.